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How to Prevent Family Conflict Over Homework
Back-to-School for Single Dads
ADHD and the Educational System
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Dear Friends,

Welcome to our Back to Schol edition of the CFI Newsletter.  We hope that you find our articles and announcements helpful. 

Featured Articles:
  1. Dr. Bill Berman brings us an article about preventing family conflict around homework.    
  2. Mr. Bowden McElroy assists fathers (in particular divorced fathers) in knowing their rights and responsibilities as it pertains to their children's academic pursuits.
  3. Dr. Tim Doty discusses ADHD/LD testing in schools and how CFI can provide an additional resource for families. 

How To Prevent Conflict With Your Child Over Homework 


An all too common problem that we address at CFI is when children are less than completely honest about whether they have homework.


Instead of offering children the opportunity to be deceptive in their response to whether they have homework, let's consider "homework" as really being a combination of assignments given by a teacher plus assignments given by a parent.


To see the strategies and read the full blog article: click here.  



Dr. William B. Berman

Dr. William B. Berman 


Back-to-School for Single Dads

child and father back-to-schoolI see many newly divorced or separated fathers in my office who are good dads.  They have been involved in their child's life attending parent-teacher conferences and all of the holiday parties at the grade school.  They went because their wife had informed them of the school schedule and they made it a priority to show up.

And then they stop.  Not because they are suddenly bad fathers or they stopped caring about their children but because they lost their in-home secretary.


  Click here to see Mr. McElroy's tips for back-to-school dads on our blog page.


Bowden McElroy  

Bowden McElroy, LPC | Twitter 

ADHD and Mental Health as it Relates to Your Child's Education

boy working on HW

Many parents are not aware that school systems are not able to adequately diagnose ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) or mental health disorders that impact students' ability to perform at their best academically and behaviorally.


Where should parents turn to seek out appropriate diagnosis, treatment, and assistance in navigating the educational system to provide the best opportunities for their children?


Please continue reading on our blog (click here) for further discussion of mental health concerns and educational needs. 

Dr. Tim headshot
Dr. Tim Doty | Twitter

If we can be of service, please contact CFI to set up a time to consult with one of our counselors.  We also provide psychological assessments and evaluations for ADHD and educational needs as well as pre-marital evaluations and counseling.  To view our full range of services, please visit


Tim Doty, Psy.D. on behalf of
Christian Family Institute

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