Threat Assessment & Threat Management

Christian Family Institute has staff trained in preforming Threat Assessment and Threat Management Services for Schools, Businesses, Churches, or any other organization.

Evaluation of:

  • Threatening speech, text messages, social media postings
  • Workplace bullying, threats, erratic/bizarre behavior, angry terminated employees
  • School bullying or other violence, such as fighting
  • School threats
  • Suicidal attempts or threats, direct or veiled
  • Cyber-Threats
  • Cyber-Stalking
  • Obsessional stalking
  • Intimate partner violence
  • Rejected obsessed lovers
  • People nursing grudges, perceived injustices, or rejection
  • Obsessions with extreme or radical political or religious views
  • Obsession with and access to weapons
  • Preoccupation with violence and violent people
  • A person researching the means of committing violence
  • A person rapidly deteriorating in their thinking or behavior

Training in Prevention of Workplace and School Violence:

  • Training for human resource professionals, mental health professionals, and school personnel
  • Recognition of warning signs and concerning behavior
  • Managing troublesome employees before violence occurs
  • Creating a Safe Work Culture

Provided by:

Dale R. Doty, M.S.W., Ph.D., CTM

Licensed Marital and Family Therapist

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Certified Threat Manager


 Always take suspected or perceived threatening situations seriously!

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